The CodeFiesta hackathon and event is subject to the following terms and conditions. Participants will indicate their agreement to comply with the above terms and conditions when submitting the registration forms. The Organising Committee reserves the right to make changes to the hackathon and rules at any time at its discretion and will communicate the change thereafter via the website here.


In these Rules, the “Organizing Committee” refers to the organizing committee who is the organiser of the CodeFiesta Competition and Event (details of which are on the website, and “GovTech” refers to the Government Technology Agency, a statutory board of the Government of Singapore.

“You” or “you” refers to each participating team and its members.

Here are some ground rules and a general code of conduct. Unless otherwise specified, the rules refer to your team and you as a member of your team.

1. Do not cheat. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Using solutions, ideas or prototypes without due credit;
  • Seeking help from other parties beyond general internet research.

2. Do not engage in disruptive behaviour during the competition. This includes, but is not limited to, illegal, immoral or unethical conduct.

3. Please treat the organisers, speakers, judges and all other participants with respect and courtesy. We value the contribution from each participant attending CodeFiesta 2021, and seek to foster an open and conducive environment to facilitate innovation, discussion and sharing. We welcome a diversity of views, and look for our attendees to be professional, respectful and considerate to each other.

4. We operate a no-tolerance basis for any form of harassment (including but not limited to verbal, physical, sexual harassment or racist, sexist or exclusionary language). The organisers reserve the right to remove any participants exhibiting any such behaviour. If you see any such behaviour being exhibited, please inform a member of the Organising Committee immediately.


All participating teams are subject to the General Terms and Conditions written in the participation section of this website. The Organizing Committee, GovTech employees and officers seconded to GovTech are not eligible to participate.

Please visit the “FAQ” section at on the eligibility criteria for the Competition.

Competition Timeline

All participating teams are to abide by the schedule for each period of the competition. The relevant dates and times of the competition are indicated in the “Timeline” section at


GovTech will award the prizes as set out in the “Prizes” section at The Organizing Committee and GovTech will announce the final winner and recipients of the prizes and awards during the Prize Presentation (as indicated in the Timeline). Prizes will be awarded within 60 days after the conclusion of the competition. If a potential winner declines, is found to have broken the rules of the competition, does not respond to prize notification, is found to be ineligible for the prize, or is otherwise found to be unable to claim the prize for some reason, the Organizing Committee may award the prize to the next best team(s).


The Organizing Committee does not condone any form of cheating at any point during the Competition. The Organizing Committee will take all steps deemed necessary to maintain fair play among the participating teams. Groups and participants found to be cheating will be disqualified from all prizes, awards and barred from participating in future events.

General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement

By participating in this competition, all participating teams and its members agree to the provisions as written in the following (which are available on the website here):

1. CodeFiesta 2021 General Terms and Conditions;

2. CodeFiesta 2021 Privacy Statement; and

3. CodeFiesta 2021 Competition Rules.